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AI Mobile Network's Cloud communication platforms helps you connect with your customer using multi channel mode of communication..

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Why Select Us ?

AI Mobile Networks engagement platform ensures businesses communicates using all channels of communication, users can seamlessly create custom communication app's or use pre build communication app's. User's can integrate their applications seamlessly using extensive communication API's available as standard offering.

Advantage Messaverse.

Extensive API's

flexible API's for all mode of communication to seamlessly integrate third party application with our communication platform.

Social Media

Connect with your favorite social media platform to connect with your users online .


Bring your own carrier & start using the platform right away, with no or minimal commitment.

Bespoke Solution

Customized commnunications solutions based on business requirements.

Omni Channel

Experience the power of Omni Channel including Voice, SMS, EMail, Whatsapp, Social Media.


Additional level of security can be add on , SSL for additional security & access.

Messaverse Features
Messaverse Details

Connect & Engage with your customers using Campaign Managers.

Automate your Campaign Managers to connect with your customers.

  • Send Single / Mass Broadcast for SMS, Voice, Email & Whatsapp.
  • Connect with your users on Social Media.
  • Personalize your communication using Campaigns Managers.
  • Schedule your campaigns.
  • Control your Campaigns.

Campaign manager helps users to gain control over their campaigns, connect with our sales team to know more about product features.

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Track your customer engagement with detailed reports & analytics

Gain insights of your Campaigns.

Get detailed insights and analytics of your campaigns, in depth reporting of campaigns and user interactions logged via reports.

User portal gives detailed reports & statistics of all campaigns. easy to use and user friendly portal to manage your campaigns and customer engagement.

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Enhance your customer experience using Omni Channel Marketing.

Businesses can enhance their customer experience by connecting with thier users using mulitple communication channel.

  • SMS/Messaging.
  • EMail.
  • Voice & Chat.
  • OTT apps like Whatsapp, Telegram.
  • Social Media Connect.

Explore the power of Omni Channel Communication platform, connect with sales now for more about our communication platform.

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Seamlessly Integrate Third Party applications

Businesses can integrate their application with our platform using our extensible communication API's.

  • On the FLY Integration.
  • Support for multiple Programming Languages.
  • Documentation with support for all API's.
  • Omni Channel API's for SMS, Email, Whatsapp, Voice.